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‘We are collaborative’

‘We are collaborative’

This is one of our founding values at The House of Hope and it is at the heart of everything that we do. As a team we thrive off building relationships and establishing partnerships with local businesses.

There are lots of ways that your business can get involved to help us to create a safe haven where the community is stronger than breast cancer. Partnering with The House of Hope will not allow your business to just make a difference here in Edinburgh, it will also allow your business to develop your company's social responsibility policy through educating and empowering your employees on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. 

Size doesn’t matter, whether you are a small local independent brand or a UK wide corporation, we would love to work with you to identify ways in which you can help us as a vital part of the pathway to The House of Hope. 

We tailor the way in which we work with each partner to ensure that the campaign or project is bespoke to your brand or organisation and reflects your ethos and values. 

Together we can keep the heart of The House of Hope beating.

Ways to work with us

From a team fundraising challenge, building team rapport by helping us by volunteering within The House of Hope or supporting us as your ‘Charity of the Year’, we will work with you in ways that will fit with your company values and motivate your team to ensure that they enjoy the partnership whilst evaluating our joint success along the way.

Team Fundraising

Fundraising in the workplace is a great way to engage and inspire your team. Taking time out to support The House of Hope will allow you to make a real impact and educate your team about breast cancer in the process.

Event Sponsorship

Throughout the year we have a number of event sponsorship opportunities available, working hand in hand to create engaging brand activation. By sponsoring one of our events or projects you will create positive brand associations and increase your awareness of your brand or product.

Product Collaborations

Have you created or are you working on a product that would compliment the values and ethos of The House of Hope alongside increasing exposure of your brand?

We would love to hear from you and join forces to give hope to those impacted by breast cancer here in Scotland.

No partnership is the same and we love to explore new ideas and challenges. To find out more about how your organisation can give hope to those impacted by breast cancer in Scotland simply complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to catch up over a cuppa.